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21 Dec 2021 by itsadmin

ISTC takes part in the IAEA International Conference on the Safe and Secure Transport of Nuclear and Radioactive Materials (13–17 December 2021, Vienna)

21 december 2021 In the week of 13 to 17 December 2021, the IAEA organized the International Conference on the Safe and Secure Transport of Radioactive Materials, designed to evaluate the prevailing conditions of the transport of nuclear and radioactive materials. More than 20 million shipments of such material occur globally per year, and a […]
17 Dec 2021 by itsadmin

Completion of the combined training for Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia and Zimbabwe on the Information Tracking System

17 December 2021 The Radiation Protection Authority and its counterparts in the radiation sector from Zimbabwe, and DR Congo in collaboration with Software Company and the International Science and Technology Centre recently hosted a virtual and physical training on the use of the web-based system for monitoring nuclear and radioactive materials during transport. A real-time […]
2 Dec 2021 by itsadmin

Latest issue of the Journal of the National Nuclear Center publishes an article on the transfer of Kazakhstan’s experience to African partners

02 december 2021 The Journal “Human. Energy. Atom” of the National Nuclear Center published its Fall issue 36 (2) 2021. Amongst several articles that bear relevance to the cooperation between ISTC and NNC, it features also the article entitled “Kazakhstan’s Nuclear Governance as a Foreign Policy Asset” It outlines the transfer of Kazakhstan’s experience in […]
29 Nov 2021 by itsadmin

Regulators from Zambian and from Zimbabwe jointly inspect radioactive material shipment at Chirundu border crossing between the two states

29 November 2021. The real time exercise on the application of the Information Tracking System (ITS), organized within the SADC Project and involving DRC, Zambia and Zimbabwe draws close to completion. The trucks that started their journey on 22 November from Lubumbashi, DRC, crossed into Zambia at Kasumbalesa and in the evening hours of 25 […]
11 Nov 2021 by itsadmin

ISTC begins a series of webinars on nuclear governance in Kazakhstan for the benefit of African countries participating in the EU SADC Project on Nuclear Safety

11 November 2021. The ISTC – managed EU-funded Project MC 5.01 15B Support to the Southern African States in Nuclear Safety and Safeguards entered its second phase. In the context of the Project one of the most effective method of exchange of experience among international partners proved to be the study visits of representatives of […]
17 May 2021 by itsadmin

Online training of experts from Mozambique and Madagascar completes the deployment of the ITS in eight SADC states

Sofia, 17 May 2021. Madagascar became the seventh Southern African state to install the Information Tracking System. Madagascar’s participation in the Project is guided by the national nuclear regulator – the Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucléaires (INSTN-Madagascar). The regular training was carried out remotely from April 23rd through April 29th with 11 participants […]