The Radiation Protection Authority of Zimbabwe was the second organization to successfully complet the training on the use of the Information Tracking System to monitor the transportation of radioactive materials within and across national borders. It involved 16 experts from the RPA.

The trainees gathered from 12 through 16 April and connected in a virtual Zoom meeting room. The 16 participants were able to check in advance a tool kit elaborated by the Software Company as well as to download the presentations for the trainings, and to familiarize themselves with the information and videos from the past ITS trainings, conducted in person in Zambia and Tanzania and available from this website.

The training has concluded with a live demonstration involving a RPA vehicle on a 50 km-long test route on the last day of the training. The route was predefined by the trainees dyring the previous training days (from Harare to Glendale) for the test drive with 7 stop points with accurate geographical coordinates. The trainees followed the vehicle in real-time and mimicked a real shipment along the 50-km long route.