The training has concluded with a live demonstration involving a INSTN vehicle on a 50 km-long test route on the last day of the training. The route was predefined by the trainees dyring the previous training days (from Antananarivo to Antaninandro) for the test drive with 6 stop points with accurate geographical coordinates. The trainees followed the vehicle in real-time and mimicked a real shipment along the 50-km long route.

The test scenario included:

  • Creating shipment of two trucks, each of them equipped with a GPS tracker.
  • Setting a shipment route with several route points
  • Passing a border point simulation
  • Simulated Incident during transportation
  • Collaboration between mobile application and the web system
  • Dividing the students into two groups – drivers and administrators
  • Communication between the participants in the shipment in ITS chat system

All the expected goals have been achieved.

Here are some photos taken during the real-time demonstration: