Training in Livingstone

The training event was held on 9-13 December 2019 in a conference room of Avani Hotel, Livingstone, Zambia. Our team was joined by participants from Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa. Here are some quotes by our trainees:

The system is able to track the transportation of uranium ore concentrate using the GPSs.

Jude Chanda, Zambia

The system is basically a simple system that can be used for tracking whatever sources that need to be secured.

Ernest Makoni, Zimbabwe

The driver has a mobile application for their communication, and the admin, and the managers are monitoring, tracking all movements.

Leenold Tinashe Ndalama, Zimbabwe

The experts are teaching us on the web based system, how it works and how we as a region can incorparate that to ensure safe and secure transport of radioactive materials.

Natsai Vanessa Mutanga, Zimbabwe

I would like to thank the experts who had taken us through this process of getting experienced on the web based system.

Boster Dearson Siwila, Zambia