Training needs

Software Company identifies the need for users to be fully aware of the specifics and functionality of the ITS system. The Software Company has developed a Flexible Learning Program to address this need.

The learning objectives for this training were:

  • Understanding the principles of ITS system operation
  • Working with the main modules of the system
  • Working with the system core functionality
  • Working with ITS mobile application

Training methods

In order to accomplish the learning objectives of the Software Company Training Program, a thorough training methodology was developed for the appropriate target audience and skill sets. The training consisted of a three-day block of instructions and included various training materials and scenarios. At the conclusion of the training a test was administered to ensure mastery of the ITS concepts and learning objectives.

Training materials

Training materials included several PowerPoint presentations and scenarios designed to allow students to apply various ITS functionalities, and a final test to be taken by all students. The instructor taught the ITS framework and concepts from the slide presentation. At various intervals during training, the instructor presented scenarios to the students who were divided into groups to complete and discuss their scenario solutions.

The exam was administered at the end of the final day of the training.