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The ITS web system has been developed according to SADC Project MC 5.01/15B requirements and specification.

Latest version: 2.0

Developed by: Software Company Ltd. – Bulgaria

Used technologies: Zend Framework 3.0, MySQL, PHP 7.2, JavaSctipt, CSS 3.0, MySQL 8.0

General Functionality: Data related to the location of the radioactive materials are acquired in real time using a GPS system, pertinent to each transport vehicle. The entity to be recognized by the system is a freight container. The system generates records at pre-set time intervals.
The communication between the server and the user workstations is protected from unauthorized access.

Sensitive information is transferred in a secure (encrypted) way. Unauthorized access is excluded. The structure of the system allows various levels of authorized access.

Reliable measures against loss of information are provided.
The system acquires real-time data related to the location of the radioactive materials.

As long as the transport vehicles cross several borders, a record is generated upon crossing a checkpoint. Each record contains the identification of the vehicle, the identification of the checkpoint and the time of crossing.

Records are generated when a predefined stop position is reached and left.
Both the border checkpoints and the stop positions are part of the pre-defined transport route. Their coordinates are an input to the system and their reaching is detected automatically.

The crossing of borders is input to the system by the driver or by the official in charge of the vehicle or convoy by mobile phone.

In case of an incident during transportation information is input to the system – time and location of the incident.

The system software provides retrieval of data over selected time intervals and/or on specified dates and time.

Software Company’s ITS project Web System training site is accessible at .

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