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February 5, 2023

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Question 1: How can a user be added in the system?
Question 2: How can a user profile be edited?
Question 3: How can a GPS device be added to the system?
Question 4: What are the statuses for containers?
Question 5: How can a border records be filtered?
Question 6: What functionalities does the freight container list offer?
Question 7: What cannot be edited in the user profile?
Question 8: Is it possible to invalidate incidents?
Question 9: What actions can be done with active shipments?
Question 10: What type of route points can be added in routes?
Question 11: Is it possible to track a GPS device registered with an invalid IMEI number?
Question 12: Is it possible to add a vehicle without an ID?
Question 13: What information is needed for adding a new shipment?
Question 14: How can notifications be viewed?
Question 15: How can a user profile be viewed?
Question 16: How can active shipments, active incidents and active incident notifications be viewed?
Question 17: How can a container status be set to ‘Service’?
Question 18: Who can trace shipments?
Question 19: Is it possible to track new shipments?
Question 20: What information is shown in the timeline of the shipment track page?

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